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Cyber threat intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence is what cyber threat information becomes once it has been collected, evaluated in the context of its source and reliability, and analyzed through rigorous and structured trade craft techniques by our threat management partners with substantive expertise and access to all-source information.

Cyber Security Audit

uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout an organization and what issues are driving noncompliance. Our security audits can also play an important role in internal investigations when anomalies are discovered, or wrongdoing is suspected. You can use our findings for not only any potential litigation/legal proceedings, but also to strengthen your internal controls to mitigate future problems.

Cyber Awareness

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In everyday dealings with IT systems, awareness is an elementary security measure. First of all, this means creating an awareness of cyber security issues. Building on this, it is possible to achieve a change in behavior toward secure digital use. Cyber security awareness measures are successful if they empower the target groups and motivate individuals to improve their cyber security. It is important to develop awareness at eye level and in a practical manner.

Technologies that we use

Cyber warfare continues to gain heat with newer technologies available to break into systems and networks. There have been many cases of attack on critical infrastructures such as healthcare, water systems, and power grids. On a smaller scale, there has been a spurt in ransomware and malware attacks on enterprise networks. Man creates technology, and it is the man who can get the better of this technology. Thus, no cyber security mechanism is foolproof and can ever be. The wise choice is to constantly identify and adopt emerging technologies to fortify cyber security. Here’s a list of the top advanced cyber security technologies which we use for you

  • Splunk® Enterprise Security
  • ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager
  • IBM Security QRadar XDR
  • Dynatrace Application Security



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